Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Quick way to download "You Tube" websites

Here's a quick way to download any "You Tube" website. I'm using XP, FF, 3.6.10. Go to you Add-ons. Look for "you tube download helper". If you don't see it there, scroll down to the bottom. Click on "view all add-ons".Somewhere in that long column is You Tube Download Helper. Off to the right of that box will say "add to firefox". Go ahead and click on that. That's it your done! Now go to a You Tube website. You will see a rectangle box that says"download" above the program your viewing. When viewing a music video,ect. Just click on that "download" box. Downloading will start. You will be asked where to put it. I always choose FLV to go in my section of documents "My Videos". You will see a colored bar on the bottom of the screen showing you the progress of the video. Cancle any time. Just right click with your mouse. Once downloading process is finished, click right with your mouse, and click on remove bar. Now that long colored bar is gone, and your done! Go to where ever you put what you downloaded. If you don' like the name of your download. No problem. Just right click your mouse, scroll down to "rename", write what ever you want to call what you just downloaded. Quick Way To Download You Tube Websites